The Beginning of Depeche Mode's History

Depeche Mode
 Composition of Sound was formed in 1978 in Basildon, Essex, by guitarists/vocalists Andy Fletcher , Martin Gore and keyboardists Vince Clarke. In 1980 Dave Gahan joins the band cause Vince Clarke didn't felt well as in the role of vocalist .Dave was recruited by singing the song "Heroes" from David Bowie. After he joined the band  Dave renamed the group
Depeche Mode , a name taken from a french fashion magazine. The band first believed that this name meaned "Fast Fashion"
because they wrote it in the early days like Dépêché Mode , but in fact the name itself Depeche Mode , as taken from the french magazine means NEWS ABOUT FASHION
They went to different clubs and different companies to try to promote their songs.

Daniel MillerIt was quite unsuccessfull  except for their particpation in the "Some Bizzare albumSome Bizarre Album and being guests to a group called Fad Gadget.They are noticed by Daniel Miller  , the owner of a new independant music company Mute RecordsThe legend said that only an oral contract was made between both of them

In October 1981 they release their first album : "Speak And Spell" with the big hit : "Just Can't Get Enough". Shortly after they started getting a lot of success  Vince Clarke left the band.Martin is in charge of writing the songs and all, so they  decided to work on a new album. They recruit, on the melody maker, a musician, to help them, that's when Alan Wilder came to work for DM but wasn't already a member .

In September 1982 they release the album "A Broken Frame", which can be considered as a transition album of Depeche Mode. At the end of 1982 , Alan has been introduced officially as  a member  of the band.

Depeche ModeIn January 1983 they release a single called "Get the balance right" which only be featured on "The singles 81->85" album.That is at this time that Depeche Mode  starts to release a lot of different remix versions of their songs.This album contains really good tracks as the famous "Everything Counts" or the 'metallic'  "Pipeline", all really in the line of the german industrial
Music of the moment.

September 1984 : a very good year to Depeche Mode and the release of a good album: Some Great Reward , which will help them to really get in the american charts , where they will start to have a lot of success., with such titles as "People are People", the  really contested "Master and Servant" and the beautifull "Blasphemous Rumours".

In 1985, after making a big tour in the USA, DM release a  compilation named : "The Singles 81 -> 85"  in which will figure two new tracks: "Shake the disease" and "It's called a heart" ( which also has a wonderfull b-side : "Fly on the windscreen") That will be a calm year for DM ? There is also the release of 2 videos: "Live in Hamburg" and "Some Great Videos"

Anton CorbijnFebruary 1986 : release of "Stripped" , a really wonderfull song, which only makes you see
what turn Depeche Mode has taken on their new album, with a more darker sound and ambient .On march then is released their new album : "Black Celebration" (one of my favorite album and song) .With "A Question of Time" , DM makes their first collaboration with Anton Corbijn which will help them re-model their look.. Alan releases a solo project named Recoil , with a LP named: "1+2".



Depeche ModeNovember 1987 : in Paris they record a new album named: "Music for the masses" and they release some good songs as "Strangelove" (which has nothing but 14 official remixes !!! and a good B-side: "Pimpf" , Hey !!! that's me !!! hehehe ? ) and also  my favorite song of all : "Never let me down again" .Release of the video "Strange" regrouping all the videos from the singles of MFTM and some more ?, all directed by Anton Corbijn, who's in charge of the  look of DM now. Alan under his Recoil project release a new LP : "Hydrology"


1011988 : On June 18th   DM will make their last concert  (their 101st) for the "Concert for the masses" tour in  the Pasadena Rose Bowl of Los Angeles , and they will record with more than 70 000 people !!!!
At this time, a video , fimed by D.A. Pennebaker of this tour will be named "101" , as also the release of a live album recorded at Pasadena during this 101st concert, also named: "101".

1989 : release of "Everything counts" live taken from their Pasadena concert.
Release of Martin's solo project: the LP: "Counterfeit"

In August  there's the release of  "Personal Jesus" , a new single from their new upcoming album: Violator, with a video  by Anton, which really makes a big success on MTV !!

ViolatorFebruary 1990 : release of the wonderfull song, and probably the most known of DM in the world: "Enjoy the silence", In March release of the new album: Violator. Release also of a new video  made by Anton Corbijn : "Strange too" with all the singles from the new album .
And the band starts making a big tour over the world for this album

1991 : end of their tour and some holidays for the whole group.
1992 : Alan releases his third album as Recoil: Bloodline

Songs of Faith and DevotionDave , Martin and Andy1993 : January  , release of a new single: I feel You , also with a new video made by Anton Corbijn , in which you can see Dave with a total different look ( wow! what a change !) In March  release of the new album : Songs of Faith and Devotion , in which DM shows the new direction he has taken musically as a group : more  acoustic songs with real drums  and real guitar, and also some gospel singers !!!The group answers to some selected fans overt the net . There's also the release of  a Live Album: "Songs of Faith and Devotion live"  at the end of the year , and release of the video : "Devotional"  , taken live from their tour.
1994: Release of  "In your room", followed by some remixes and some live tracks.
End of their tour, which has exhausted them phisically and emotionally.

1995 : Alan leaves the band, cause he feels, his work is not recognized anymore inside of the band. On October Dave tries to suicide (hopefully he didn't succeed)

1996 : After an overdose , in which Dave Could have died, he goes back to rehab in an hospital, to get a cure. The band is starting to work over a new material for a new album.

UltraHome / Useless1997 : January : release of a new single: Barrel of a gun, filmed by Anton, in which DM, goes back to what he's done before SOFAD, with the help of Tim Simenon ( Bomb the bass) who produces the album  which is released on April 11th .release also of "It's No Good" ,a DM-like song, which has a lot of success, followed by "Home" and finally "Useless".With Useless ( a wonderfull song ) the band releases their video on CD-ROM ( actually on the CD single) !! a very good idea . They don't plan to make any tour, letting them time to recover from all their own problems


Depeche Mode now1998 : September , release of a new single : "Only when I lose myself" ( a really beautifull song) which is part of their new album called : "The Singles 86 -> 98"  , which will be followed by a long awaited  tour all over the world.  The band has already sold out quite all his tickets for their concerts in many places all over the world, which proves they're still the best





Depeche Mode 2001May 2001 release of their new album : EXCITER , with the release of their new single Dream On back in April 2001 , this album shows how Depeche has its place in the music industry and still show their creativity and their innovation with songs like "When the Body speaks" , "I Feel Loved", "The Dead of Night" a good combination between acoustic and electronic music, produced by Mark Bell (LFO , Bjork) probably one of their best albums. They're now touring for the EXCITER Tour, in which the performance is at the highest quality and with Mr Corbijn back at work for stage design and now filming, they will still give us some surprise on the months to come, and next year also with David Gahan's solo album.

Dave Gahan
Dave Gahan David Gahan is born on May 9th, 1962, in Epping; He's the singer of Depeche Mode. He becomes part of the group ( once called Composition of Sound) in 1979. After a while he changed the name of the group to DEPECHE MODE. He always had a big influence in the group's evolution, and has taken a more active participation in it through the years.
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Martin Gore
Martin Gore Martin Lee Gore is born on July 23th, 1961 in Danegham, near London, he's the writer/composer of Depeche Mode, when he was young he was part of some bands as a guitarist , when younger, and finally turned to synthetiser within Composition of Sound, that he formed with Vince Clarke and Andrew Feltcher. He's one of the best writer in the world of music.
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Andy Fletcher

Fletch Andrew John Fletcher ( known as "Fletch") , is born on July 8th 1961 in Nothingham, he was part of Composition of Sound, from the beggining, with Martin who was a school mate. Fletch has never been a leading musician in the group, but more a manager, and he's good at it.
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Alan Wilder

Alan Wilder Alan Charles Wilder is born on June 1st 1959 in London, he was part of Depeche Mode from 1983 to 1995. He was the real musician of the band, the one who spent a lot of time in studio until he found the perfect sound for the song they were working in, he had a big influence in the changes Depeche Mode had through the years in their music.He's now working on his own, with Recoil (last album: Liquid) and is actually working over a new album of Recoil.
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Vince Clarke

Vince Clarke ErasureVincent Clarke, original member of the group, as Composition of Sound and after Depeche Mode, he was the writer/Compositor of the Band in "Speak and Spell" ( except 2 songs written by Martin) he was the leader of the band at that period, but suddenly left the band at the end of 1981, cause he didn't accepted the succes the group was having. He went on working with Alison Moyet on Yazoo and after he went on to form a group called the Assembly , and finally Erasure in mid-80's in which he has found his place and he's still part of it.
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