Interview of Fred Bigot "ELECTRONICAT"

"The Dead of Night"-Electronicat mix
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Fred Bigot - Electronicat

"Amour salé"
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Fred Bigot, also known as'Electronicat since 1997, is the french artist who remixed "The Dead of Night" on the single "Goodnight Lovers".
After being raised in Laval where he learns to play guitar covering some Neil Young, and after being a member of a band "psycho-pop", Fred goes to the capital (Paris) and get quickly interested by electro-acoustic music working with many choregraphs.
Those last years , Electronicat released , under different labels , various songs , and performed many times in live in Europe , USA and Japan , mostly during festivals: Knitting factory (New York), Uplink Factory (Tokyo), Fondation Cartier (Paris), Festival of New Medias (Montreal), Futura (Sarajevo), PhonotaKtiK (Vienna), Batofar (Paris), la Laiterie (Strasbourg), Traffo (Budapest), Festival Nouvelles Scenes (Dijon), Podewil (Berlin), Studio 672 (Cologne), Obliques Lu Night (Nantes), Gulbenkian Fondation (Lisboa)...


MN - Hello Fred. For those who don't know you, how would you classify your musical style ?
rock n' roll & electronic

MN - Founding member of "Stamp", of "Boot Power", and of "Gonzo Voice" before being known as Electronicat, you multiplied your creations , adding to some of your creations that featured on your EP's ,the experiences for contemporay dance and theatre : what did all this brought to you ?
Diversity is fundamental in my work. Electronicat is a project among others.Right now I'm more focused on it than any other project ,but I worked on other projects also ..

MN - More recently you started to collaborate with Cécile Babiole on stage or for porjects like "Reality Dub". How did you have that idea ? What do you think the visual aspect can affect your music ? 
When I collaborate with chorégraphes, artists, video directors , the musical approcah is very experimental. IT's very uplifting. that's what happens with Cécile Babiole. I appreciate her work and we've done some projects very experimental together like Reality Dub.

MN - About your musical tastes , your influences , what are the bands or artists you listen to ? 
There are so many, but this month I listen to Akufen, Andreas Berthling, Michael Stravostrand, The Damned, Motorhead, The Slits, Gloria Jones, Mike Ladd, Henri Pousseur...

MN - You remixed "Dead of Night" which features on the single "Goodnight Lovers" from Depeche Mode. How have you been contacted to made this remix and jow did you react ? 
Mute contacted me and told me that Depeche Mode wanted Electronicat to do a remix of 'The Dead of Night'. There wasn't much time , they needed it in the next ten days . I had Daniel Miller on the phone . He asked me if I could do it , I said yes and here it is! 

MN - How did you work on that remix ? What was your way of work on that track ? 
Mute send me the numerous aiff files of the track . I worked with logicaudio. The rythmic of 'the dead of night' is so close to some of my tracks (shuffle time, she's a queen, amour salé...). I kept some events like the voices , the guitars,the electronic events . I pitched them , I stretched them making them staying on the same base: the Electronicat sound... 

MN - Was it your first experience at that level ? 
No it wasn't my first remix , I also remixed Rechenzentrum , Celuloid matta, Valvola. 

MN - Would you be interested in doing it again ? and with who ?
Kid Congo power also asked me to do some . Of course I'm ready for new experiences.

MN - Is Depeche Mode among the artists you appreciate ? what is your favourite song ?
I don't have any favorite band . I like a lot the mix between électro and rock'n'roll of "Personal Jesus" or "I Feel You".

MN - What do you think DM brought the electronic music and what is DM for you right now ? 
"Master and Servant"! : they were the masters of the eélectro pop in the 80 's . Since then electro totally explosed ..., so who are the servants ?

MN - You said "lthe french scene is so small (...) In fact France doesn't exists (...) and I don't care about french journalists "". Do you think it's still hard to be 'prophet" in your own country, France about electronic music?
I don't think it's a problem of country anymore. and what's the point of being a "prophet" , a experimentalist ? I don't belong to any "parisian" familly , my familly is very eclectic , spread, international. I make myself my own network. I make my own way ! 

MN - You are very productive on foreign labels on foreign countries where electronic music has a real public, and that's surely not innocent that DM contacted two french artists (you andt Bertrand Burgalat) for the remixes of their last album : do you think you are more appreciated and acknowledged in foreign countries?
I keep relations and have many projects with artists and labels from foreign countries . Some special aspects of electronic music have their audience in France. But English and German electro isn't really appreciated , but it seems it starts to change...

MN - Finally what are your projects in the next few months ? 
A new Electronicat album, concerts, an album ofe Pig, cat & cow (a projet with Khan et Jill Mingo), a projet with Mike Ladd, a dvd with Cécile Babiole, some remixes... 

MN - Thanks for this interview. Do you have something to add? 
R.O.C.K O.N ! 

Interview of Fred Bigot (Electronicat) by Guillaume Legrand (on 08/02/02) for ModeNation / Pimpf